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I always considered teaching a fulfilling task rather than a necessary burden. For this reason, in addition to my Ph.D studies I completed a CAS in teaching skills at university level. To gain maximum impact, I use novel teaching methods in my classes, as shown in the following video, produced by the Departement for Teaching Skills at University Level at the University of Bern (in German only). Further, I also won a teaching award by the University of Bern for my seminar Genetics in Social Science (Spring term 2019) due to the excellent student evaluation.



  • Einführung in die quantitativen empirischen Methoden. (University of Konstanz, Fall 2020/2023)

PROSEMINARE (only for BA-students):

  • Einführung in die Soziologie. (University of Bern, Spring 2012)

SEMINARE (usually for both BA- and MA-students):

  • Abweichendes Verhalten. (University of Bern, Spring 2012)

  • Arbeitsmarktsoziologie. (University of Bern, Fall 2013)

  • Einführung in die empirische Religionssoziologie. (University of Bern, Fall 2015, Fall 2011; University of Konstanz Fall 2023)

  • Empirische Studien zu Geschlechterungleichheit. (University of Bern, Spring 2015, Spring 2013)

  • Genetik in den Sozialwissenschaften. (University of Bern, Spring 2019)

  • Sociology of Education. (University of Konstanz, Fall 2023)

  • Sozialwissenschaftliche Arbeitstechniken. (University of Bern, Fall 2017, Fall 2018)

  • Ungleichheit und Gerechtigkeit. (University of Bern, Fall 2014, Fall 2012)

  • Workshop empirische Arbeiten schreiben. (University of Bern, Spring 2016)


  • Soziale Ungleichheit (University of Konstanz, Fall 2020, with Prof. Andreas Diekmann and Prof. Thomas Hinz)

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