Currently, I work as a SNSF Ambizione grant holder at the University of Zurich where I conduct research on field of study choice. Previously, I worked as a postdoctoral fellow and an interim professor at the Cluster of Excellence at the University of Konstanz. Before that, I was a SNSF Postdoc.Mobility grant holder at the LMU Munich (with Katrin Auspurg) and senior researcher at University of Lausanne (with Daniel Oesch). I received my PhD in Sociology from the University of Bern (supervisors: Ben Jann and Walter Müller) after studying Sociology, Science of Religion and Islamic and Middle Eastern Studies at the University of Bern.

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Universität Zürich   |   Institut für Soziologie    |   Andreasstrasse 15   |   8050 Zürich   |   combet@soziologie.uzh.ch