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The goal of my research is to understand the emergence of social inequality in a society. I am particularly interested in examining the mechanisms underlying individuals' preferences and decisions, as well as how individuals' decision-making is influenced by institutional structures. To achieve this goal, I use not only an interdisciplinary approach that combines theories and insights from sociology, psychology, and economics, but also apply a wide range of methods such as analyzing surveys, conducting experiments, and qualitative in-depth interviews. While I studied issues of social mobility and educational inequality in my doctoral studies, I nowadays focus on questions of gender inequality in the labor market (e.g., horizontal and vertical gender segregation, gender wage gap, discrimination in hiring).



  • Why women choose 'female' professions. Analysing mechanisms behind horizontal sex segregation with survey experiments.

  • The influence of personality traits and job preferences on the gender pay gap in the early career. (with Barbara Zimmermann, University of Bern)

  • The role of recruiter and firm characteristics on gender discrimination in candidate selection for male- and female-dominated occupations. (with Basha Vicari and Britta Matthes, IAB Nürnberg)

  • Unobserved effects in teacher's decisions - anticipation of parental support? An experimental analysis. (with Ulf Liebe, University of Warwick)




  • Combet, Benita (2013): Zum Einfuss von primären und sekundären Effekten der sozialen Herkunft beim zweiten schulischen Übergang in der Schweiz.
    Ein Vergleich unterschiedlicher Dekompositions- und Operationalisierungsmethoden.
    Schweizerische Zeitschrift für Bildungswissenschaften, 35(3): 447–471. (Article, Abstract in English)


  • Jann, Ben; Combet, Benita (2012): Zur Entwicklung der intergenerationalen Mobilität in der Schweiz.
    Swiss Journal of Sociology, 38(2): 177–199. (Article, Abstract in English)

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