The exchange between science and the public is an important concern for me. Therefore, I am available for policymakers in an advisory capacity. I also enjoy informing the general public about scientific findings through lectures and journal articles. My areas of expertise are educational inequality based on social background and gender inequality in the labor market.

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Picture © by Oliver Betke for the German Equal Pay Day

  • Keynote for the 2nd interdisciplinary Swiss students' conference. Topic: "Social inequality in tertiary education. Taking a closer look at the dimensions social class and gender." April 2021. (watch it here)
  • Keynote for a seminar on elite promotion in Germany. Topic: “Wer hat, dem wird gegeben? Eine kritische Betrachtung der Chancengerechtigkeit im deutschen Bildungssystem”. Organised by the Konrad-Adenauer Foundation Munich. Mai 2020 (canceled due to the Covid-19 outbreak)
  • Opening keynote for the Bavarian Equal Pay Day and participation in the discussion round. Topic: “Zu viel Gefühl, zu wenig Biss? Zu Mythos und Wirklichkeit beim Thema Frauen in Gehaltsverhandlungen”. Organised by the Bavarian Ministry of Social Affairs and Catholic German Women's Association (KDFB). March 2020
  • Opening keynote for the German Equal Pay Day Forum. Topic: “Zu viel Gefühl, zu wenig Biss? Zu Mythos und Wirklichkeit beim Thema Frauen in Gehaltsverhandlungen”. Organised by the International Federation of Business and Professional Women (BPW) Germany e.V. on behalf of the Federal Ministry of Family Affairs, Senior Citizens, Women and Youth. November 2019
  • Interview about science communication in the podcast SciComm Palaver with Sabine Gysi. April 6th, 2021. (listen to it here)
  • TV interview and scientific support for the TV show “SRF Forward” on the question of educational inequality in Switzerland. SRF. January 7th, 2021. (watch it here)
  • Live interview in the TV show “Abendschau” about the gender pay gap and the role of negotiations. Bayerischer Rundfunk. March 17th, 2020. (watch it here)

  • Interview and expert for the article: “Gelernte Rollenbilder zementieren Lohnlücke.” by Jonas Raab. Die Wirtschaftszeitung, January 2021. (PDF)
  • Expert for the article: “Gemütliches Beisammensein im Elfenbeinturm.” by Diana Frei. Surprise, September 2020. (PDF)
  • Expert for the article: “In Zürich ist das Gerangel um Gymiplätze am härtesten.” by Simone Luchetta and Edgar Schuler. Tagesanzeiger, July 2020. (PDF)

  • “Zu viel Gefühl, zu wenig Biss? Mythen und tatsächliche Ursachen des Gender Pay Gaps” Journal zum Equal Pay Day 2020: 8 – 9. (full journal, article)
  • Die Lohnungleichheit zwischen Männern und Frauen beginnt lange vor der Familiengründung / L'inégalité salariale entre hommes et femmes commence bien avant la  
      fondation d'une famille”. Social Change in Switzerland, Number 18, June 2019. (with Daniel Oesch) (german version / french version)
  • Lohnungleichheit startet lange vor der Mutterschaft / L’inégalité salariale entre les sexes commence bien avant la maternité”. In Tagesanzeiger, Der Bund, Le Temps.
    June 7th, 2019. (with Daniel Oesch)